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Garden Grace

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I'm sure everyone has heard the phrase "labor of love". Well, that's exactly what Garden Grace has been! We started working on Grace in the fall and were not satisfied with her until nearly the end of January! Call us picky, but we are dedicated to producing the highest quality garments so that means we are sticklers for details.

Our manufacturing company is THE BEST--they took our idea--a simple sketch with arrows and notes and scrawled-out directions--and transformed it into something magical. This was also in spite of the fact that we kept sending them additional notes and ideas! For example--we wanted the veiling to be soft and flowing, not scratchy and stiff, and we wanted the edge to be finished so it would be less likely to fray and tear. 

We also went back and forth over the material--linen or poplin?! We decided on poplin in the end because it was a crisper, brighter look, and the material will not wrinkle as badly as a linen would. We added bloomers to the big girl dresses because we know that all little girls need to run and jump and turn cartwheels! We also worked on the smocking for weeks--yes--WEEKS! Did we like one flower? Three? How large did we want the flower (s)? What exact shade of green should the vines be? We agonized over these decisions because we want Grace to be a special dress for our customers. The process may have been long but we are so proud of this product and we know you will love it! It truly is a special dress. 

Grace is the perfect dress for any little girl's closet and can be worn for several months and to so many different occasions. We hope that you will let you girls wear their dresses, as they are made to be worn and loved time and again! We see Grace sitting in the front pew at Easter Sunday service. We see her twirling circles on the dance floor at a springtime wedding. We see her next to the ocean at sunset for family beach photos. 

Because Grace is so special, we have only ordered a limited quantity. Our preorder is LIVE and you can reserve one for your little lady right now--but hurry! The day we launched the preorder we SOLD OUT sizes 6 months and 7 years and most sizes have only a few spots left. These dresses will be to us the first of March and will be shipped to you in plenty of time for Easter, spring, and beyond! 


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