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Why "The Ivory Pony"?

We wanted a name for our brand that reflected our reasoning for creating it in the first place: the creation of carefree, classic children's clothing. Ponies are gentle yet powerful; mindful yet fiercely independent. Ivory is simple, clean and innocent, but also is very precious.  Ponies, like children, should be gentle and obedient yet have the opportunity to be independent and run wild and free, and their childhoods are to be cherished, not taken advantage of, just like fine ivory.
A group of ponies is called a "string"--how perfect! Like the fine strings woven together to make our garments, the makers of The Ivory Pony brought their talents, strung them together, and created this classic brand.

Love what we stand for?? Welcome to our #ponystring

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Our main inspiration comes from the clothing we wore as children--classic and innocent. We want our children to look like children for as long as possible. We get our ideas for form and function from the every day's needs and preferences of our own children.

Why do you only offer a limited number of each dress?

By limiting production we are able to ensure superior quality. We only use top quality fabrics and trims. We are sorry if you missed out on your favorite style but there is always a chance it just might show up again, although perhaps slightly different

How do you calculate Shipping costs?

Shipping is calculated based on real time shipping at check out and is based on your shipping address.  We cannot combine shipping costs on multiple orders if they are not part of the same transaction



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